Why Small Businesses Choose 2d and 3d Logo Design Services?

Why Small Businesses Choose 2d and 3d Logo Design Services?

New startups and companies always admire the bigwigs’ business symbols etched on their brands. Sadly, the fresh starters tend to drift off into the wilderness of the minds, unable to grasp the logo design concept. For them, a logo is just a sign representing a business or symbols that sit like a King’s crest. However, they understand what two-dimensional and three-dimensional mean and vice versa. There are various reasons why small-scale companies elect 2D and 3D patterns as their logo role models. 


Furthermore, these two logo designs are easy to get amid the market’s saturated designer skill. It means entrepreneurs and other business go-getters can easily find boatloads of talent. Our neighborhood, cities, and we are jampacked with professionals who offer 2D logo design services and their eye-catching heirs – 3Ds. 


10 Things to look at in a Professional logo design services agency

There are several traits to look for in a reputable agency that designs logos. Some of the primary characteristics are as follows:

ü  They prioritize simplicity for logos

ü  Use a vibrant color palette with a good color variety

ü  Share multiple blueprints

ü  Send you a mock-up and a prototype for comparison

ü  Etch classic typography with distinctive fonts

ü  Infuse animations for a more added effect

ü  Do a competitor analysis to fill in the loopholes

ü  Get user feedback regularly and take their evaluations as constructive ideas

ü  Faster deliverables and convincing prompt turnarounds

ü  Design heartening logos that are original and unique


Two-dimensional symbols are pretty old-school stuff that no “realistic graphic” of the present-day can beat. Business people and even longstanding companies elect 2D logos for several reasons. So, what is the no.1 factor that makes the older logo design versions a good choice? – Well, it is its long-lasting impression. Since 3D and other feisty logo versions are ridiculously standard these days, a change is always welcome. Besides, there are certain traits only two-dimensional art includes even a credible 3D logo design services agency can’t deny. Below are some solid indicators of why small businesses choosing both logo design dimensions warmheartedly.


2Ds are Robust vs. 3Ds are Realistic

The main highlights of both the logo styles are probably in our caption. Two-dimensional images look more rigid with a strong base held with unswerving foundations. Since the 2D logos are ancient and were popular back in the day, The 60s, 70s, 80s, and the mid-90s were the golden years of 2D trademark signs. People poured their admiration on the 2D trademark since they were the trendsetter back in the day.

On the other hand, you’ve got 3D that looks astonishingly real – like life. They might be on paper or your computer screen, but they feel like real-time things sitting in plain sight. They pop up on their faces as if they’re about to jump. Indeed, 3D logos are impressive owing to their life-like appearance and pattern. Besides, people love make-believe stuff, something that stirs their inner imaginary world. And there’s nothing better than life-like 3D symbols. It is the primary reason they opt for the more modern-day logo style instead of the preceding one.

Surprisingly, there are ingenious ways to convert 2D logo designs into 3D symbols. Adding layers like dressing a cake topped with creams, fruits, pineapples, and cherries gives two-dimensional works a somewhat 3D effect. But it requires patience, skill, and practice to transmute 2D into 3D proficiently.

2Ds are affordable vs. 3Ds are cost-effective

The older logo styles are available at a very reasonable price these days. You can even find free software on the web to create them. Surely, the affordability factor of the 2D logo has hurt the sentiments of their superior kinds. But it doesn’t matter because 3D logos are much more popular and exemplary. It means you drive the onlookers crazy to the extent that many will become your regular customers. You can also find 3D logo services at dirty cheap prices, but only if you’re lucky.

In addition to the low or high price of 3D logos, they tend to be more effective; work tremendously well as they ought to. By this, we imply they make your marketing campaigns fruitful, bring organic web traffic, improve ROI conversions, boost sales, etc. 3D logos are indeed money-spinning symbols that enable your brands to flourish today and better for tomorrow. The best part is that you can modify 3D logos as per your requirements; they’re flexible and multipurpose. But make sure they’re vector graphic manifests.

Why should one choose 2D logos in 2022 when there is 3D?

There are plenty of reasons why you opt for the former version when the fashionable one is in town. The no.1 reason 2D logos ring the bell is their sensitive nature. Their humble appearance is what makes your business look 100% genuine. 3D ones sometimes look too good to be true. They sometimes look pompous and go off the road without any good reason. It should be funny to sometimes they look weird sitting around the 2D environment.

Furthermore, 2D logos have that long-lasting appeal. Looking at them, it feels like they’ve endured the best and worst times. Another great factor that gauges their significance is the time-honored industries and brands. Back in the days, it was all 2D for trademarks. So, if you wish to give your startup that venerated look, ditch 3Ds and prefer their ancestors. Sometimes, it’s just the design that steals the spotlight, no matter what logo design type you use.  

Pros and Cons of a 2D Logo Design


·         Affordable

·         Easy to make

·         Have that rubber-stamp authentication appeal

·         Imbue higher color intensity

·         Give your startup or company a long-established appeal


·         Outmoded

·         Occupied with lackluster and boredom

·         Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha demand 3Ds

·         Rigid and bland

·         Show a vague picture of your business

Pros and Cons of a 3D Logo Design


·         Enrich in colors

·         Look realistic

·         Appeal to youngsters

·         Demonstrate your professionalism

·         They are charming and clean


·         Expensive

·         Sometimes look overblown

·         Chaotic overlapping layers

·         Time-consuming

·         Do not have that respectable age-old appearance


We hope you got the idea of why small businesses choose 2D even in 2022. And how 2Ds and 3Ds are distinctive from one another, making both the perfect choices. Besides, you can always do a web search to get more insights about any topic you want. Until next time, bye-bye and have a great day!

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