What it takes to become a 3D Logo Designer

What it takes to become a 3D Logo Designer

shallows instead of depths. At first, those sand and gravel beds might look amazing, but a few glances will make them wishy-washy. Those waves you see are the skills of 3D artists that unknowingly disrupt the works of 2D craftspeople.


Besides, blaming them for one’s artistic wrongdoings is utterly unprofessional. Remaining calm and dull like that two-dimensional artwork will take you nowhere. So, why not create ripples and move ahead of sandbanks to see colorful reefs and fishes? You can also hire a 3D logo design services agency to help navigate the arty knack enriching ride.


Learning how to draw 3D logos might take a bit of time, but when you’re able to paddle and waddle – there’s no stopping you! These are indeed those “farfetched” unfathomable depths you were missing out on while stuck on that oversensitive kids’ pool. Of course, we’re not here to take you into the deep gorges and nozzles of 3D logo design software. For it, you can visit the official adobe website and read how to add another dimension to your 3D masterpiece. But for now, let’s see the best talents and traits you can have to groom your superior drawing skills. Read below to know more:


Though, elementary knowledge of them both is what we recommend if you consider hiring a specialist for your project. For now, think about how you can develop a fascinating 3D logo design model. Read below to grasp a better understanding of what we are talking about:

 Get Inspiration from real-life Objects

Crafting more than two dimensions on your computer screens is the most basic definition of 3D art. And what place could be better than to see things lying down and our surroundings? We’re 100% sure you’ll be putting quite a few ideas and impressions in the backpack. See the stuff in your room scattered in a mayhem mess. Do not worry, as you’re only here to stare at the object oddities tumbled like bird grain. Check for the peculiar angles, illusions, and silhouettes that can inspire your 3D art drawings.

 Have a clear vision

Catching up on inspirations in awe and daydreams is good, but don’t forget to have a clear sight of the future. You can also employ diligent 3D experts working for a professional 3D logo design services company. They will steer you in the right direction – and help you reach your destination. Besides, you cannot know where to go straight, turn right/left, or take a U-turn if you don’t have a vision.


Never punish yourself and your creativity for delivering the best 3D logo designs if there’s a dead-end ahead. Besides that, if we speak about on-the-spot work practicality, know your 3D art style and pattern beforehand. Don’t act clumsy when you’re drawing it. Rather, have the notion, wisdom, and mission in your mind to keep it going.

Choose natural colors for your 3D logo

Ensure you handle colors with care and have the most heartening hues collected inside the tiny pods of the palette. But of course, this time on the screens. Make sure you keep the shades and contours as close to nature as possible.

 Though mixing a few pigments to invent a peculiar tint is no crime. But never go off the hand of rawness and markedness of natural colors. The more your colors are true to their splendor merit, the more your attention-grabbing 3D art models expect exquisiteness. Remember the color theory and drive to make your three-dimensional logos and drawings stand out. Good luck!

 Add a narrative

Creating a 3D logo design is drawing a sketch chronicle in itself. Its layers include the design, outline, angling layouts, inside-out curvatures, colors, and final touches. However, emphasizing a specific storyline can help you genius the design with improvised imaginative effects. Add a language to it by taking inspiration from religion and culture.

 See the brighter side with architecture, interior design, and other outlandish structures. But of course, do not deliberately throw every character and symbol of the account. Instead, sprinkle suggestions and traces to make your 3D logo design more distinguishable.

 Become proficient in logo designing software

If you wish to craft top-tier 3D logo designs, then you must choose the best applications prevalent among professionals. Other terrific options are Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Canva, Looka, Affinity Designers, and Inkscape are Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Canva, Looka, Affinity Designers, and Inkscape. Don’t try to push yourself too hard by engaging in each software like a cockpit caption. Watching good tutorials on YouTube and reading a few software blogs is far better than flickering buttons like piano keys.

 Experiment with curves, edges, shadows, and angles

Drawing rigid 2D-ish solids in 3D is a big NO. Making it flow like liquids and fly like vapor is ‘YES!’ But if you still want to bring the former first state of matter into plays no matter what, no problem! You can experiment with sharp corners, rigid footrests, and clear-cut margins. Besides, elevating and sidelining insipid parts of your 3D drawing will have entrancing effects. Envisage your 3D logo design or art like an ice cube with all three states of matter. Observe and absorb it with full effect – start doing it when you’re ready!

  Watch logo design tutorials on YouTube

It is a simple 3D art tip and the go-to for every ambitious person looking to perfect their artwork. Visit YouTube and start surfing platforms like Google. We recommend you watch videos of verified channels with the most views and subscribers.

  Amplify 3D logo designing with animation

Nothing feels better than receiving complimentary gifts for their hard work. Likewise, your 3D logo design might seem touching with lighthearted bouncy effects. But on the inside, they’re artfully overriding treasures. It is our heartfelt advice to you to give them more expressive liberty – through animations. Yes, you heard it right. After all, adding motion graphics and special effects sidelines can reactivate the 3D art mesmerizing mechanism.




What 2D artworks miss are those outpouring bubbling effects of 3Ds that make them look livelier. The more peculiar and popping – the merrier they look. Moreover, 3D logo designs are more revealing and enlightening to the eyes. Though you can stick to 2D sturdiness if you want to, adding softening tones of the third dimension does wonders. So, acclimatizing with top-tier illustration skills is not a bad idea.


We all know 3Ds always look better than 2Ds from every angle and level. Ensure you absorb the captions above if you want to nail down your 3D logo design. Regular web searches can help you revive and regulate your passion for creating 3D symbol art masterworks.


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