Why mobile app development services are needed for lead generation?

Why mobile app development services are needed for lead generation?

The immensely powerful device in our pockets is good as it sounds. But it gets far better if we talk about its feasibility and features. It’s true because modern phones aren’t ordinary slabs or gadgets for showoffs and gimmicks.

They have a purpose, or should we say it is a multipurpose device you can use to unlock potential - business perfection.

  Smartphones are indeed shrewd and get the best of us, to the extent that we cannot imagine our lives without them. According to Morgan Stanley , more than 90% of mobile phone users have a palm-sized machine with them at all times. And why not so? – Since it is the phones that carry us all forward efficaciously. We all feel lighthearted and at rest all the time. Thanks to our state-of-the-art slick phones.


 Certainly, these handheld devices have affectedly put us in a laid-back mode amid our hectic lives. This clearly indicates that a smartphone is a perfect tool for marketers. They can run ads through freeware apps, during in-game junctures, on YouTube, social media, and so on. So, a lot is going on with the modern phone. It is the main reason mobile app development services sign agreements with companies. Thus, creating a dualistic channel for making huge margins. Not only does the agency win a contract with the firm, but it also lends them their advertising guru. Similarly, websites and mobile apps create the perfect ‘sales boost’ catalyst.


Lead Generation: What does it mean?

According to the words of Aleks Peterson, lead generation is pretty straightforward if you understand its concept. You attract customers by promising them good rewards and prospects, offering something valuable, and acquiring their contact information. Aleks made this statement a few years ago, so imagine how much must’ve changed in due course. Yes, you heard what we just said! All you need to do is tempt the phone users to proceed with their details on your app form, website, Google Forms, social media, etc.



Please do not presume that you can tell lies to get their information. Because if you do so, you’ll lose old customers, phone app downloads, and web traffic before you can say “lead Gen…!”


Simple tips for lead generation via mobile phone

Smartphones have become the manifesto of the general public. Phones help whenever they have to buy stuff, find essentials, and even escort them from the labyrinth of overstressing hassles. Before you read the hard stuff, absorbing forthright information can ease understanding. Read the standpoints below to untangle all your confusion of your mind about the smartphone lead generation process:


·         Mobile phones help eCommerce stores leverage sales, communications, and customer support.


·         Mobile lead generation works incredibly well with mobile-first layout websites


·         Don’t forget to run successive email campaigns about your best products and services


·         Run ads on Facebook, announce the news on Twitter and create YouTube videos


·         Craft concise, interactive content for your mobile paid search campaigns


·         Make use of SMS alerts and push notifications


·         Run trials to check the smooth mobile experience as a random user


Now here are the primary reasons why choosing mobile marketing can propel your brand’s lead generation:


 Create mobile-friendly email messages

Multiple surveys tell us that more than 50% scrutinize a brand or a startup by examining their emails. Thus, you must hire a specialist marketer who specializes in email marketing. Remember, if you’re ignoring traditional email advertising, you’re missing out on a massive audience. We recommend you employ marketers who know how email works, particularly those who are well-versed with sequential email campaigns. Sometimes things take time, and so do the emails. But when this orthodox promotion is done consistently, profits and customers come to you in succession, non-stop.



Use a native Facebook ad

Facebook is one of the best ways to initiate your brand’s introduction phase. It takes a few bucks to make one Facebook ad and post it up in the Facebook feed of million+ of users. Running mobile ads here is a bonus since more than half of your total customers will be finding you here. Indeed, Meta’s top-tier platform is an excellent beginning to rouse peoples’ minds about your brand.


 Design a mobile questionnaire

You might be an expert in promoting your brand with hype, raising user engagement times, and winning customers’ confidence. But creating a mobile app survey form can catapult your marketing prospects to new heights. Quick surveys can help you gather rich user feedback that enables you to reform your brand accordingly.


Furthermore, questionnaires and social media polls help you get customer validation and enjoy a customer-driven rapport for your business. Thus, you thrive on building a better product and user experience over time. Popular survey platforms include Google Forms, Branded Surveys, HubSpot Form Builder, Zoho Survey, Microsoft Forms, SurveyMonkey, and Swagbucks.

Create a local mobile pay-per-click campaign

Several survey company findings reveal PPC (pay-per-clicks) was beneficial for localized product searches. A staggering 75% to 80% of the population tends to click on local brands running pay-per-click ads. We recommend you talk to a good marketing consultant’s agency if you wish to launch your brand on foreign grounds. And yes, phones are excellent instruments that boost your leads via PPC brand advertising.




Start a Rich Media Mobile Display Ad Campaign

It’s possibly one of the best choices if you wish to stout up your brand with some interactive visuals. Rich media helps you reach customers in the blink of an eye amid their conspicuous appeal. Fashion quizzes, lifestyle trivia, puzzles, and other expressive marketing sessions are also included in rich media. Indeed, rich media aids in the communication process.





Use SMS to engage leads at events and trade shows

Recalling those old days when SMS was the most extensive communication trend, broke the barriers of doubt and misinterpretation. Even today, SMS is a great option to make your brand heard loud and clear. B2B and B2C businesses can churn good profits using this advertising method as a secondary marketing strategy.





Use Geo-Location Mobile Ads to Reach Business Prospects

Location-based product marketing is a great way to reach your specific target audience. Even social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok encourage brand marketers to use geolocation to run ads. It works somewhat like the YouTube algorithm, targeting videos and ads based on user interest.



Remaining cordial and an easy-to-talk person can help your mobile ads flourish to the next level. You can also use LinkedIn mobile features to target your clientele; the official social networking platform can help you a great deal.


 Ensure your marketing plan is in order, and each ad component flows in a pecking order. A mobile app with user registration and the sign-up option is a great indicator that you run a genuine business. Besides, the brand subscription model is the biggest ‘business credibility’ trendsetter happening these days. Lastly, a good marketing team monitors every bit of lead generation occurring via mobile. We wish you all the best!


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