5 Eye-catching Logo Design Features to attract Customers

5 Eye-catching Logo Design Features to attract Customers


Nothing’s more appealing than a breathtaking logo atop your brand’s outlet or an online website. We must say that having a cloudy business symbol with overcast slogans is unforgivable. Given our times, there are so many opportunities and technologies around us. Not many business owners, companies, and ambitious tenderfeet going for a first startup tryout fail terribly. They’re unable to devise a logo that could steal the heart of their customers. Not that they’re doing it wrong, but because they’re missing out on significant factors – and features.



Furthermore, logos aren’t mere slabs that have an artist’s work. They are more versatile than you can imagine. They’re more like the artistic masterpieces of Picasso, Da Vinci, Van Goh, Michelangelo, and others. We can easily assume that these inspired education logo designs enlighten us with more clarification. Thus, you can persuade your customers without any overstretching effort.



Furthermore, attractive logo designs for businesses aren’t just eye candies but also enticing elements. The reason they’re exquisitely elegant is their compact design and terrific, attention-grabbing magic and flairs they possess. Not to worry if your current design lacks look and luster. We are here to aid you in the best brand logo design process. So, stop waiting and buckle up with fantastic features you can add to your online business logo. Let’s go!


1. Design Multiple Logo Design Blueprints

Beautifying your business symbol isn’t sweeping blush-on brushes and adding shades and contour variations. Instead, it’s a dynamic process of bringing out accurate tones and textures. Hence, create multiple prototypes before finalizing the best one out of the lot. Don’t forget to send a few emails with some blueprints and your proposed ones. You can also dig the internet to check the ideal logo characteristics that expert logo makers and UK clients endorse. Divide your brainstorming into sectors to ensure every creative thought effectively envelops your crude logo design works.


Furthermore, creating multiple blueprints allows you to enhance your artistic knack. Thus, helping you in broadening your horizons for crafting artisan logos that are phenomenal and breathtaking. You can pick and put the slightest details that can substantially affect your online business’s logo design. As well as enabling you to unlock your all-out “inventive” potential.



2. Add animations and special effects

Imagine mind-blowing graffiti on walls in Bronx Borough and Manhattan’s downtown New York. Correspondingly, infuse high-spirited animations into your business symbols. It works like magic. Not only do they represent your brand, but they also showcase your professional talent. Further, it furnishes the main highlight of your professionalism, i.e., adding lively appeals to logos.



Moreover, logo animations work far better than static ones with no life. Imagine someone expecting to move people emotionally with a motionless business symbol. They’re doing it 100% wrong amid living in an up-to-the-minute world with sundry ultramodern technologies.



You can also download hundreds and thousands of logo design templates available online. The next thing to do is hire an animator who specializes in logos. Share your master plan about what level of artistic provenance you’re looking for, i.e., ancient, vintage, modern, sporty, upbeat, etc. Ensure your logotype complements your business niche and brand personas.



3. Add vibrant colors

Once you’re done with the textual illustrations, it’s time to add the right colors. You can choose primary colors like red, blue, and yellow, followed by secondary colors like green, orange, and yellow. Besides, do not forget to look up colors representing different life meanings. These also signify different human moods, emotions, and other otherworldly driving forces. In addition, you can go for shades that help your logo pop up on the screen in a bizarre yet beautiful way.



Use striking colors to awe your customers and competitors. However, there are infinite tones and peculiarly pretty shades to go with, so take your time. We prefer you pick those your business can easily absorb – and deliver. Ensure you hire a passionate color enthusiast who might be picky but doesn’t make the wrong pigment choices. Remember, you cannot go wrong with colors. Throw in some vibrant nature inks to heighten up the prettiness of your next-level business symbol.



4. Add kicks and Punches by using angles, slopes, and dimensions

Don’t forget to add those extra dimensions to boost your logo’s quirkiness from double to tenfold. Yes, you heard it right. Of course, you can go with a 3D knock-out layout for it. But it will do no good except that it will look just about average like those million 3-corner ones out there. So, why not try something unique, jaw-dropping, and out of the blue – this time, lines? You can also hire a logo design specialist for the perfect recipe that aids your logo in “live-action” at a glance. It should be rolling with smacking charms: punchy, bouncy, energetic, and by the looks, heartening.


Remember that athleticism can work wonders apart from modernizing your brand’s emblem with diverse shapes, sizes, and symmetry senses. These karate-esque bends and twists make your logo stand out from the crowd.


Such super supple appeals magnetize onlookers immediately. It also increases the suppleness of your logo, making it look more flexible – and friendly. The best part of adding such lithe ergonomic divergences to your logo is its increase in arresting idiosyncrasy.



5. Envisage your logo design as your brand’s endorsing stamp

Imagine it as a big picture hanging in the living room of a big mansion. Now envisage similar to your business symbol. It elevates your brand by becoming its King’s jewel, i.e., the key charm to attract visitors and turn them into buyers.


Your brand’s logo design should be like a magnet on the wall attracting clients. Craft a symbol that signifies a seal of approval, i.e., looks like a yardstick that measures mesmerizing brand emblems. You can also visualize it as a rubber stamp officials use to strike on their official letters.



Here are five more logo design cues to add the Wow Factor in them:

·         Decorate your logo’s plate with more mesmerizing elements.

·         Typography adds to its old-school trademark appeal.

·         Add a narrative to your logo with storytelling.

·         Soften your logo design with humanizing touches.

·         Add voice to your logo for a more absorbing appeal.





Logos are meaningful and memorable from the core and corners, so please don’t take them lightly. These add balance to your business and give a respectable demeanor to your brand. The logo or symbol, as many of us call it, should be your priority. You should have it on the brand’s banner and backpack at all times. Don’t forget to do a web search to find more useful tips and tricks to heighten your logo layout impressively. 

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